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Let’s Make Games Showcase – Freedom Fall

Let’s Make Games Showcase - Freedom Fall

By admin - On Sep 01 - In Sightings - With 0 Comment

We had our first public preview of the beta version of Freedom Fall at the Let’s Make Games showcase a week ago. It was a fitting place for its first public(-ish) showing since it was at the Let’s Make Games “What’s Up Pitches!?!” event last year that Stirfire discovered the prototype of this, my pet project, which had been slowing growing during nights and weekends.

I’m pleased to report that the showcase went very well! We had lots of interest in the game, and some happy people playing it. Brendan brought in his giant monitor, and we had the game running at times-two size, which drew a small crowd. It certainly helped having the a PC, Mac and three tablets available for people to play on. There was one lady who played the game for an hour straight on one of the iPads.

We did get some good gameplay feedback for the controls. I also took notes on what areas players had the most trouble and, this week, I have just done a pass to make those areas less tricky to help ease people in.

It was great to see people really enjoying the game. It makes you feel like you’re on the right track and that other people share the passions that move you to make games.

We’re just putting the finishing touches on a new game trailer, so hopefully, everyone will be able to see the game in action very soon. Big thanks to Let’s Make Games and everyone who checked out the game.

Lisa Rye

Creative Director/ Art/ Story/ Level Design, Freedom Fall

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