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So why Freedom Fall?

So why Freedom Fall?

By admin - On Aug 22 - In Business - With 0 Comment

Why invest in someone else’s idea and why try to take on the big guys with our tiny five-man studio in Perth, Western Australia?

It was initially an easy answer. “Because it’s awesome!”

From the moment Lisa demonstrated her Construct-built prototype at the Let’s Make Games- What’s Up Pitches!?! event in 2011, I knew we had to give Freedom Fall a try. When you play it you will understand why. Chances are you already know the genre and, if you are like me and grew up with video games for the last twenty-years, you will instantly feel at home.  And more to the point, you will start feeling glassy-eyed and nostalgic about a time when gameplay mattered more than graphics (although Lisa’s art is amazing too): Mario was out saving princesses, Sonic was whirling about in 2D and Commander Keen was all about the cheat codes. As the initial wave of nostalgia evoked by Freedom faded I quickly came to a realisation. This was when we started getting on with the testing and nuts-and-bolts of the planning.  I will make this plain and say it once:

Lisa is evil.

I mean totally.  You start playing and then realise, within the first thirty seconds, that you are not saving princesses here, you are being held captive by one and she has Stockholm Syndrome. And that every time our hero Marsh dies, somewhere Lisa cackles. But you keep coming back. Why? Because you are a glutton for punishment and the punishment for poor Marsh is very real. Which ties into why Lisa is evil. The Princess is, in fact, her incarnated in game form. Once you understand that you will also understand that we at Stirfire initially really loved what we saw with the gameplay and now we are completely held captive by Lisa, are locked in a tiny little room in a tower with very little food and poor sanitary conditions until we finish working on the game.

So that is why we taking Freedom Fall to the world.  Because we want to be released back into it.

Garth Pendergrast

Director, Stirfire Studios. And sometime captive.

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