Freedom Fall is a platform game set in a wickedly dark fairy tale. Gameplay is old school, but our story is something new...

The Game

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Freedom Fall is a diabolical down-scrolling game with a whole lot of heart. An odd and creepy heart, to be sure, but a lot of heart nonetheless.


Freedom Fall features

• Retro platformer action with a down-scrolling flavour
• A fairly tale gone awry full of dark humour and charm
• Devilish traps and obstacles … with attitude
• Bolts to collect + spend on steam-punk upgrades
• Two distinct endings
• A princess who doesn’t really need saving


The Reverse Rapunzel

The Tower used to be a prison but then it got a royal visitor: The Princess. She was shocked by what she saw in that terrible place. It was so dull and dreary. Being locked up was no fun, so she got out of her cell and renovated a little. Made the place her own.

Our hero, the Princess … oh wait … the Princess isn’t the hero? You sure? Ahem, our hero, Marsh, finds himself at the top of the great tower and there’s only one way out: down past all of the spikes and blades and traps and fire.
As his journey progresses, Marsh learns that all is not what it seems.

Freedom Fall is more than just a run-and-jump platformer and more than just darkly humourous twisted fairy-tale, it’s a journey into the past that will let you determine your own innocence or guilt, but at what cost?

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From the depths

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The creative team

Lisa Rye — Creative Director, Art, Story, Level Design

Lisa Rye is a concept artist and digital illustrator, with a passion for games and pop culture. These passions kicked in early so her parents funnelled her into a multimedia design degree in the hope that she’d find a job that would actually pay the rent one day.

Living in Perth, Australia, Lisa was fortunate to be hired into a relatively large game company the year after she graduated. When Interzone folded, Lisa became the lead artist at Different Methods. There, she developed the art style of an educational game named Skoolbo which can be found on the iTunes app store. Working with the team presented a number of other game projects on the side, including Tanktical, a tactical tank game, which was also released on iOS.

While at Different Methods, Lisa discovered tools allowing her to work on her own game projects in her spare time. Freedom Fall was one of those projects, and as that company came to a close, Lisa leapt at the chance to work with Stirfire Studios to move Freedom Fall from a personal project to a commercial release.

Outside of work, Lisa draws things she loves and interacts with her fans on DeviantART. She has a passion for all things Japanese (she speaks the language and lived in Osaka for a year) and dabbles in many hobbies including photography, poi twirling and costume making, winning the Australian national cosplay competition in 2011 alongside her talented sister.

 Lisa’s DeviantART page

Stirfire Studios — Production, Programming

Stirfire Studios was founded in late 2010 as a new “home” to support WA game developers and digital media professionals attempting to gain ground in emerging mediums (eg. iBooks, digital sandboxes). We operate as a publisher, consultancy, coders-for-hire, digital-marketers and game-creatives. We have published one game, Orbeats and are currently in production with a second multi-platform mobile release and will be commencing pre-production for a major release in July this year. We also have several commercial projects running at any one time and partner with other organisations with a common goal.

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